1. ORTHOTICS SQUEAK? DO add baby powder. If necessary, request a bottom cover to be added (no charge) or send to lab for adjustment.

2. ORTHOTICS DON’T FIT IN SHOES? DO trim extensions (top cover only) with straight edge, exacto knife or razor blade to fit shoes. DO return orthotics with shoes for adjustments. DON’T buy larger shoes to fit orthotics. DON’T assume your orthotics will fit in all of your shoes.

3. MY ORTHOTICS DON’T FEEL RIGHT. DO wait 2-3 weeks for your feet to adjust. DO contact your Doctor/Distributor for after-sales adjustments. All Image orthotics are adjustable. DO remove them if there is significant pain. DON’T assume they will always be uncomfortable. WEAR THEM!

4. MY ORTHOTICS ARE DIRTY, PUNGENT AND THE TOP COVERS ARE VERY WORN. DO wipe them down with a damp cloth, spray with fabric freshner or return them to the lab for refurbishment. DON’T submerge in water, put in washing machines or heat/dry them with a blow dryer.

5. ONE OF MY ORTHOTICS IS CRACKED OR BROKEN. DO send them to the lab for repair or replacement. The IMAGE orthotic device (not top cover) is guaranteed against breakage for life. DON’T throw them away as the lab will use the breakage area as a point of information for repair and quality improvement. Next >>

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