1. DO clean leather (uppers) sandals with high quality leather-cleaning products. DON’T use soap and water as it will crack and age leather.

2. DO know that all leather bleeds/runs when worn initially. DON’T wear socks that may absorb dyes.

3. DO allow wet sandals to dry naturally. DON’T place in sun for pro-longed periods; leave in car trunk, place near heater, fireplace or use blow dryer.

4. DO replace worn soles to maintain orthotic integrity. DON’T allow sandal sole (bottom) to wear down by more than 1/4". See your Doctor/Distributor for refurbishment instructions.

5. DO keep your extra set of inserts (generally with Birkenstock removable insole models). DO use to replace custom inserts when they are being cleaned or returned for refurbishment. DON’T throw them away. << Back

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