WORK: Great for people on their feet all day. Can be made slim for dressier work shoes or padded heavily for construction boots.
SPORT: Made to use in an athletic environment. Non-slick top covers can be used to reduce shearing when walking, running, or playing sports. Very effective when stability is a concern.
FASHION/CASUAL: Great for those difficult shoe issues. Provides arch support in an environment where space is at a premium.

DIABETIC/ACCOMMODATIVE: Soft, heavily padded devices specific to diabetic issues. Lesion accommodations, toe fills and other diabetic additions are available. May be covered by your Medicare provider.

GERIATRIC (soft): Heavily padded and flexible devices for the aged foot. Special attention to the heel and ball of foot areas where ageing has compromised the padded areas of the foot.
BRACES/AFOs: Specialty devices for those with frequent high and low ankle sprains or with drop-foot issues and for post-ankle surgery recovery. Call lab for additional info.

CHILDREN'S GAIT PLATES: Check with your pediatrician. For use with severe flat foot issues or in-toe or out-toe walking concerns. Call Lab for additional info. OK TO HAVE PEDIATRICIAN CALL US DIRECTLY! Children's outgrow insurance available.

REFURBISH ANY OROTHOTIC: Don't worry if we didn't make it — we can refurbish your old devices to make them brand new. We can even improve their performance with slight adjustments. Call us for more information.

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