Designed in a variety of colors, this truly custom sandal is produced from ‘the ground up’ to meet the most specific and detailed customer needs imaginable including yet not limited to:

• heel lifts
• metatarsal head
• bunion accommodations
• charcot foot, diabetic
• foot length discrepancy

• edema
• velcro straps
• custom strap locations
• rocker bottom
• toe fill
• various top covers and
water-resistant materials

Styles Include:
2-STRAP, 3-STRAP, CLOGS, THONGS. MANY COLORS AVAILABLE! These sandals can be completely refurbished and thus offer a lifetime of performance and satisfaction. AFO’s and Braces can be incorporated into these sandals.

We can ‘upgrade’ almost any sandal with orthotic-style qualities including yet not limited to: heel lifts, met pads accommodations, heel spur accommodations, extra padding, diabetic.

Authorized Reseller of the following sandal manufacturers:
• Drew (Click here for Drew sandal brochure PDF)
• Warren (Click here for Warren sandal brochure PDF)
• Bite
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