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Custom Orthotic Fabrication Process

IOLab adheres to the “Anatomical Custom Foot Orthoses” definition within the PTSDD. A positive is modified (ex. intrinsic forefoot and/or rearfoot corrections) and as per the specifications of the prescribing practitioner. This modified positive is generated via a CAD/CAM Milltronics system.

Shell materials include polypropylene, subortholene, carbon, carbon-graphite and tri-laminate thermoplastics, which are vacuum-formed on the positive. Thickness and degree of rigidity are dictated by the prescribing practitioner and are dependent upon patient’s body weight, severity of deformity, disease process, etc.

Accommodative Additions

Rearfoot and forefoot posting are made of firm durometer EVA; arch fill, soft accommodations are made of low durometer EVA or open cell and closed cell polyurethane materials. Top covers are determined by practitioner, and dependent on, patient conditions and the intended purpose for the orthotic. These materials include but are not limited to ETC, Ultrahyde, Ultrasuede, Neoprene, leather, vinyl, etc.